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Massage & Mindful Health by Erin offers No- Fault Insurance coverage.. For faster recovery.

Not currently accepting NO Fault!

However, I am accepting Insurance Flex Fit Cards from BCBS and Independent Health.

Auto Accident. No fault of your own!!

So had an auto accident and your neck, back, maybe your whole body aches. Don't worry I have some good news. Massage is reported as the most effective way to treat the pain and your auto insurance will pay for your massages. What don't have auto insurance but the other guy does, and they have admitted fault. We can bill their insurance for you.  We at Massage & Mindful Health love working with auto injuries it brings more challenges and variety to the work.

If your like most after an auto accident you think your body will hurt to much if its touched. Don't worry we can work as light as needed.
Did you know?

Did you know that getting started in the first week after you auto accident will help you avoid more pain later?
Did you know the first 7 weeks after an auto accident is the time when massage is most effective? During the first 7 weeks your muscle is more pliable and respond to massage treatment the best.

Yours for better and faster results in recovery.


Erin  Gugliuzza, LMT