Manifest Your Wholeness through Massage & Mindful Health. Yoga and Mindful Health suggests that keeping a healthy mind & body allows for a happy and healthy long life. Invest in your health today, book a massage or take a yoga class today! Research shows that healthy movement of the body, either through a massage session or yoga class has so many amazing benefits physcially, including mind, body, soul awareness.
Massage & Mindful Health By Erin
Manifest Mindful Health with Massage Therapy and Yoga/Meditation/Breath Awareness


"I have been to 5 different Massage Therapists and finally I found Erin who made me feel like the Therapist I have been looking for to get "In TUNE" with my muscle's needs.   I really felt a nice connection and was oh so comfortable."

 Jamie R - Lockport, NY

 "As a repeat client Erin has helped me progress to levels of activity I didn't think I could achieve, thanks to her Massage Technique and compassion of healing I have found my way out of a cane and going to the Gym 3 x a week.  Without the regiment of Massage Appointments; 1 x /week I don't think I could manage without her hands"

Shelly T. - Lockport, NY

"I love the Deep Tissue Massage and As a Mother of 3 I really need it!  She found all the spots and really helped me breathe through them with ease and comfort.  Her technique changes from each session to aide in what I need that day.  Erin's Hands are The BEST! for any age"

Darlene M. - Lewiston, NY